George Hughes
George Hughes
founder & creative director
Small Films

George is the Founder/Creative Director of Small Films, a video production company specialising in the food and drink sector. They use video content and digital marketing to help brands reach a wider audience. Since founding Small Films in 2016, the business has worked with dozens of high profile brands, charities and businesses from Aldi and Tilda Rice to EDF Energy and the World Food Programme.

George founded Small Films off the back of a 14 year career in the television industry where he produced and directed for all the major networks including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Across the years George has produced programmes with some of the world's leading names in the industry including Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Cherry Healey. His work took him around the world filming a wide variety of different subjects from witchdoctors in the Amazon to the Chicago criminal underworld.

With a passion for helping brands make a positive impact with video content, in 2019 George set up his own podcast 'The Big Chat' where he regularly interviews top brands such as Deliveroo and Depop on an array of topics from content creation to business strategy.