Stephanie Johnston
Stephanie Johnston
head of content strategy
Weber Shandwick

Stephanie is an integrated content strategist with a thoroughly mixed up background, which stands her in excellent stead to deliver content that leads to actual, real-life action. Her experience spans creative campaigning, digital advocacy and overall brand strategy, with twin specialisms of tech innovation and all things sustainability.

At Weber Shandwick UK Stephanie leads a fast-growing content offering within Integrated Media, building strategies for both UK and Worldwide clients such as: Unilever, HSBC, Microsoft, Ericsson, Nespresso, Richemont Group, Groupe Renault, Budweiser and more.

In past lives Stephanie held roles in-house at Google Creative Labs, brand sustainability for international apparel retailers, editorial at the Financial Times, and INGO consultancy. She’s been with Weber Shandwick since 2015 in both London and Geneva, Switzerland, holds degrees in Art History & Visual Anthropology, an MSc in Sustainable Development, and speaks pretty good French.