How to enter

OK, so you’ve decided to enter one of The Drum Awards – well done, you’ve taken the first step towards rewarding your team with the attention and recognition that their brilliant work deserves. Now all you have to do is submit the actual entry, here's how...

In order to submit entries you need to have an account and be logged in. If you have an account already then you can skip this step and log in via 'My Account'

Create your account

Head to 'My Account' via the main menu > 'Dashboard' and 'Create Account' you will then receive an email from, which will ask you to confirm the details to activate the account.

You can view the categories here or via the main menu, click 'More info' on the category for a drop-down description and criteria.

Once you've decided which categories best suit your work, select each of them and you'll see a pop up at the bottom of the screen, then click 'Next' to start your entry form.

Once you've picked your categories and clicked 'Next', you will be taken to your entry dashboard, now is the time to start filling in the online entry form.

Please note that not all fields are required and can be left blank if not applicable, those that are mandatory will be marked with an asterisk*, there is a counter that will track if you have missed any required fields, so be sure to check that if you're unable to save your entry and you're unsure why. 

 The form has 2 sections

  • For judge's eyes only (private) - information that only the judges will see and will be kept confidential.
  • For everyone to see (public) - information that by adding to, you give us permission to use publicly on our site in the event of a nomination or win.

Here's a breakdown of each field and what it requires.

  • Entry title* - this is the name of your entry and will be shown on the website, in the event of a nomination or win, give each entry a unique title to grab the judges' interest - try to avoid generic names
  • Company* - the name of the submitting company, if you are submitting on behalf of a client, there's a field for the client further down the page
  • Company logo* - this will be used during our winner's announcements, so if you are submitting on behalf of a client and would like them to get recognition during the show, please upload their company logo
  • Client - the name of your client
  • Executive summary* - to summarise the key points in your report (250 words)
  • Main report* - check the criteria for what to include (1250 words)
  • Entry image* - at least one high res image must be supplied (PNG or JPG preferably, max file size 10MB)
  • Additional image (x2) - you have the option to add 2 extra images
  • Entry credits* - this is your chance to give recognition to the people behind the work. Use this space to list the team members who worked on the strategy/campaign/project. Please list the full name, title, and company
  • Summary entry description* - type in a short description (150 words) of the project. If your entry is nominated or wins, this text will be used on the website
  • Twitter handle - this is so we can congratulate you on social media, in the event of a nomination or win
  • Web address - if you have a website that showcases the work you are submitting then you can add it here
  • Supporting files -  If you have additional creative or infographics you can combine them into one pdf for the judges' consideration. This is optional and only if needed to supplement your entry
  • Entry video - must be hosted on either Youtube or Vimeo, there is a Private video field further down on the form, if the video should not be shared publicly

How to pay

Once you've completed all required fields and are ready to checkout, be sure to accept the terms and conditions before clicking 'Continue'

Personal details

Provide the personal details of the person who we should contact regarding any event updates and if we have any questions about your entry. Provide all the information required and click 'Next' to fill out the billing information.

Invoice details

This is the billing information, you have the option to use your own details or another contact, once complete click 'Next'

Make payment

At the top of the page you will see an overview of your entry, please check you are happy with it before paying (you will be able to make edits up until the official deadline) and click 'Complete' and you'll see a pop-up window to pay securely. 

Once your transaction is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email and all that's left to do is keep your fingers crossed for good news on nominations day. If you have any questions regarding the entry process then please get in touch.

Good luck!

*Entries not paid by the judging date will be pulled from the judging process and will not be judged.